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There are only three steps, first, fill out the form and submit (click summit), then in a few minutes one of our consultants will call you to ask some questions about the team and to coordinate the details to pick, Second, Desscorp.com in his shop perform the necessary corrective and preventive maintenance and also install the software in the initial state of manufactures, and third, after verification of the information families applying a team, Desscorp.com will represent and deliver on behalf of the computer donor.

Product summary:

Someone needs a computer that you do not want to use more, not throw it away, give the opportunity to children of poor families to learn in the world of computer science, new and useful things, provide tools to help improve the quality of life of those in need.

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Customer benefits:

- Who gives, in good faith receives blessings and gratitude, plus the satisfaction of contributing to a good cause.
Additionally, you receive a drawing or a letter from the children who benefit, expressing appreciation.

- Who gives and not have to pay for maintenance or repair of software to give a good gif.

- Who receives, tools to help improve their quality of life.

- Who receives, receives a new computer almost as physically and initial state of manufactures in the aspect of the programs.

- We are recycling and protecting the environment, a chain of three, who gives, Desscorp and who receives, all getting a bit to the preservation of our environment.

Donate any computer, desktop or laptop, having Pentium IV and 512 kb RAM minimum. If you want to donate your computer meets irreparable damage hardware, also fill the form and send it you also can collect.

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