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1. We can pick Up the computer laptop in your Home.

2. Put back your laptop computer to default manufacture state, or reinstall the operative system.

3. Reinstall your authorized software (if it's necessary).

4. Optimize yourself the pc with a standard maintenance guide.

5. Remove virus.

6. Remove spyware.

7. Remove Malware.

Product summary:

Your computer laptop is slow or frozen or has a blue screen or donít turn off or donít load the operative system or has an infected warning or donít go to internet or internet opens many windows unintentionally. Do an appointment. We go to your home for the pc. We will call you when your pc is ready.

Price $109.99
Reference Number WSR002L

Customer benefits:

∑ We go to your house for the PC.

∑ You can learn how to make a standard maintenance.

∑ Remove virus, spyware and malware to your computer.


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