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Choose six of the following topics:

1. Basic manipulation of the computer.

2. Parties to the desktop (operating system)

3. Surfing the internet.

4. Creation of email accounts.

5. How to use the messenger (chat)

6. How to burn CD's or DVD's

7. Using an external device (USB memory or USB external HDD)

8. Basic principles of the use of Microsoft office (word, excel and powerpoint) or its equivalent in Open Office.

9. How to download photos from your digital camera to the computer.

Product summary:

As professionals who we are, according to our knowledge and experience, we are able to answer all your questions or if you prefer, we can teach you six topics that you want to learn.
Say to our technical staff six topics of your interest.

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Customer benefits:

- Total availability of our technical support for 60 minutes.

- Learning to their chosen topics in a friendly and unhurried.

- We will provide the information about free resources found on the web that we believe will be useful to strengthen their tutoring

It requires that the computer is connected to the Internet.

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