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1. Bring your computer or hard drive to one of our authorized points.

2. We completely free analysis to determine the cost and time.

3. If the problem is logical, we maintain the price.

4. It requires that the client bring a USB external device with a capacity greater than hard disk capacity will be recovered.

Product summary:

If for some reason you have loss your information, call us, let us make a preliminary analysis of the hard disk.
For physical damage detected price increases and the estimated time for recovery as well, only after a conscientious analysis in our laboratories can determine the cost, have to not move forward without his approval.

Price $149.99
Reference Number INR001

Customer benefits:

- Recover your important data.

- We ensure 100% confidentiality.

- Preliminary analysis is completely free.

- 100% do not move forward without the approval of the customer.

- No information recovered does not pay.

To find out where to take your computer, see the authorized points in the left menu.

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